Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Department was created in 2012 to help beautify Jonesboro through compliance and enforcement. 

The unit is composed of a director, a senior code enforcement officer, six code enforcement officers and an administration assistant. This unit oversees complaints regarding overgrown grass and weeds, overgrown lots, trash, illegal dumping, unlawful storage, unsightly and unsanitary conditions, boats and trailers in yards, pool enclosures, intersection and driveway obstructions, yard sales, inoperative automobiles, boarding and securing, and condemnations, as well as other violations. Investigations are generated by both officer-initiated action and resident complaints. 

Code Enforcement has partnered with the Sanitation Department to establish community cleanups in various areas of the city. This has proven to be an effective way to both cleanup neighborhoods and enhance relationships with our community.   

Code Enforcement is dedicated to the removal of dilapidated properties that have been declared unsafe for occupancy and are nuisance properties. These properties are not only unsafe and unsightly but can be used by squatters and inhabited by undesirable animals. By working with property owners and the condemnation process, Code Enforcement is working hard to ensure such properties are removed. The City’s Grants and Community Development Department provides funding for condemned structure removal for qualified property owners of low and moderate income.

Code Enforcement has strong working relationship with the other departments in the city and believes a team approach is paramount in problem solving to beautify Jonesboro.