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Board or Commission/Committee Application

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  8. Discharge: Were you discharged from military service under anything less than honorable conditions?*
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  10. Have you ever been convicted of or entered a plea of guilty or no contest or forfeited collateral for any criminal violation other than a minor traffic offense? (Minor traffic offenses do not include State offenses of operating under the influence of liquor, operating while impaired, reckless driving or the equivalent offenses in other states) *
  11. Has a criminal charge been brought against any firm or organization during your association with it? *
  12. Have you ever been cited for a breach of ethics for unprofessional conduct, or been named in a complaint to any court, administrative agency, regulatory body, professional association, disciplinary committee, or other professional group? *
  13. Is there anything in your personal or professional life that would cause controversy for you or the mayor during a public review of your candidacy or your service as a mayoral appointee? *
  14. Please list each organization, club, association, or group that you are, or have been a member of, in the past five years.
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